Marantz PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier


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Marantz PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier

The Marantz PM-12SE Special Edition Integrated Amplifier takes inspiration from the flagship PM10 amplifier, incorporating separate pre and power sections, with an all analogue design. With 100W per channel, the PM-12SE offers a detailed and dynamic musical sound, expected from premium Marantz amplifiers.

The PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier by Marantz features a two-stage design with a power amplifier and pre-amplifier section for power supplies. This unique edition amplifier is designed to amplify ultimate audio performance. It embraces a premium-quality nickel-plated copper terminal with authentic and copper speaker connections to maintain steady between audio signals and speaker. The circuitry offers an interrupted signal path to the PM-12 amplifier, which delivers 100W per channel.

The Marantz PM-12SE amplifier houses a moving coil or magnet phono stage with HDAM technology to offer uncompromised signal purity for turntable playback. Marantz uses its own a discreet circuit board HDAM or Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules that fits the requirement of different players, speakers and amplifiers to offer smooth, refined and detailed sound experience. The PM12-SE is engineered using state-of-the-art technology to deliver rightly amplified sound in a long music-listening session. The amplifier is designed by professional and experienced sound masters from Europe and Japan to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. It uses the updated high-grade version of HDAM SA3 to offer exceptionally high-resolution performance.

The switching power of this high-grade amplifier is inspired by the Marantz flagship of PM-10 amplifier. The well-engineered design embraces a toroidal transformer to preamp powerful sound and clarity. The nickel-plated amplifier features a new electrical volume system with linear volume control. It has carefully designed audio parts, including low noise transmitters, custom electrolytic capacitors, ultra-low leak current Schottky diodes, mica capacitors and audio grade capacitors. The different mode settings deactivate circuits that are not required while a piece of a particular music or audio being played for best sound performance.

This premium-grade amplifier embraces a Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ stage that is fashioned to deliver maximum music quality by simplifying the signal path. The built-in MC head amplifier moves the magnet and low-output moving coil cartridge to amplify sound. The phono stage occupied two-stage amplification combined with junction gate field-effect transistor and Marantz HDAMs for optimum noise/traffic cancellation. It also creates room for no negative feedback to simplify sound further and reduce distortion.

Marantz PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier features

  • Premium integrated amplifier with 100W per channel
  • Fully discrete two-stage design for signal purity
  • HDAM-SA3 circuit components for clean signal and dynamics
  • MM/MC phono stage input for vinyl playback
  • All analogue design with 5 line level RCA inputs
  • Separate pre and power amplifier sections with toroidal transformer


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Marantz PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier

Marantz PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier

Brand New Marantz PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier for sale with Warranty